geoTribes – can YOU be defined by just two tick boxes?


Can people be defined with a short series of tick boxes on a website? What about with TWO tick boxes?

Our instinct is of course to shout “No – we are all inidividuals!”.

This week some friends of mine had an RSVP Baby – the success of online dating shows that by following a series of check boxes you can at least sufficiently narrow the field – many dates might not produce that spark but you’ll be more than half way there knowing that you have common interests and goals.

Last year I met Oli who told me about geoTribes – a system that decides how affluent you are based only on your age and your address. It sounded very interesting and plausible – if you are 20 years old and live in a $6 million house then you are probably the child of someone wealthy but have no $ yourself. If you are 45 and live in a $6 million house then you are probably earning and spending a lot. If you are 70 and live in a $6 million house then you have probably made a fortune.

There’s a lot of assumptions in there but the alternative is to pay for expensive data that is an amalgamation of credit histories, electoral and other data.

So here’s geoTribes in action – go to “Find your tribe” and try it – enter your address only, not unit number. What does it say and is it a good enough assumption on only two pieces of information?

I put myself in and apparently I am:

Career oriented singles & couples
With high incomes and long work hours these high status professionals were born to shop. They’re spotted talking on their smart phones and checking their tablets.

Oh dear. It works. Nearly.

PS This works in Australia, USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand. Good work!