Ad retargeting and analytics – totally buggered by EU e-privacy directive

Reuters Cookie Consent Tool


Reuters are a good publisher – here’s their new user-friendly “Cookie Consent Tool” which will strike fear into the hearts of other publishers who are not yet ready for the 26 May deadline.

It will strike more fear into the hearts of anyone involved in digital advertising – it lists all analytics, ad networks and plugins and what cookies they are leaving and why. Ominously it gives the user the chance to press a button marked “Advertising ALL OFF” which doesn’t mean all ads off, it means all advertising cookies.

It even gives you the opportunity to switch off all analytics cookies including Google Analytics. See the future here – bottom right of the page. The tool is a plug-in by Evidon – who are going to make a fortune in the next few weeks.

The industry will need to convince users that being tracked is a good thing – in the UK and much of the rest of the world at the moment there is an air of paranoia and that is simply not going to happen.

Incognito browsing anyone?

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