Australian broadband – no speed up in 2011

Nielsen’s Online Consumer Report 2012 contains a mass of information about Australian online behaviour and is well worth a read.

My feeling recently is that broadband speed in Australia has been going backwards – for example my usage has ballooned from Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and other video, Carbonite, Google Drive, increasingly large email attachments, iPad and iPhone plus their apps etc but the speed of my connection at work remains below 2 Mbs (shocking!) and our connection at home is usually just under 5 Mbs.

One night recently a 1Gb television show from iTunes took 10 hours to download in the evening. Connection completely saturated!

The figures below show some depressing figures:

– 24 Mbs or faster – no increase in users at this speed in 2011

– Up to 24 Mbs – less users on this speed in 2011

– Up to 10 Mbs – less users on this speed in 2011

And WHY is there such a huge category of users whose speed is between 1.5 Mbs and 10 Mbs – this does everyone a disservice by masking the number of people whose connection is around 2 Mbs – 5 times slower than the 10 Mbs needed to move them to the next category.

Australian broadband connection speeds 2011