Google Panda to assess grammar when deciding upon Page Rank


Google PandaToday Google’s engineers gave the strongest possible hint that the next roll out of Google Panda would measure the use of incorrect grammar on a site to assess quality of content and, therefore, Page Rank.

Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s webspam team, said “In the past the moronic use of keywords repeated over and over was an attempt to game our systems but made the writer appear infantile and a bit simple. Now we’re cracking down on other little tricks too. It’s for everyone’s good, webspam and low quality content makes us all more stupid for having read it.”

Cutts Explained That Using A Capital Letter For Every Word When This Is Grammatically Incorrect Is Going To Be Marked Down In Future And That Google Isn’t Fooled By It.

Google Panda’s next release is imminent.

This isn’t quite true either but it would be very welcome.