Facebook credibility on the line – 83m fake profiles and nothing happens when you report them

Fake profiles on Facebook

This week Facebook estimated that 8.7% of its 955m user profiles are fake reported The Guardian.

This comes as no surprise to anyone managing brand pages on Facebook – we’ve seen a huge number of fake profiles run by competitors and other companies over the past few months and no action taken when these are reported as a fake profile representing a business.

A few months ago, as a test, we set up a Facebook page called “Companies pretending to be people‘ where we’ve started to list fake profiles, all of which have been reported as fake by a number of people.

To date, there’s still no action from Facebook on any of the profiles. Clearly there are no or not enough resources devoted to this increasingly important issue – fake profiles give an unfair advantage to companies using them, increase spam and degrade the value of Facebook both as a social network and as a medium for advertising. Let’s hope we see some improvement soon.

Please do add more fake profiles to the page and report the ones that are there as fake if you agree that they are.