Seriously? Did you see a gap in the market?

Restaurant reviewsTop businesses NOT to start at the moment – so why do people keep piling in?

1) Ad network / SSP / DSP

Digital advertising – if it catches on then it will be huge right? So why not corner the market? Be a middle man – put advertisers in touch with publishers as a network and you can take a cut of EVERYTHING!

If you open an AdSense account and look in ‘Ad networks’ you will see that 664 ad networks are bidding on AdSense impressions.

Why not make it 665? Cool idea!

2) Food, drink and entertainment review site

You’re good at eating right? And drinking! So you’d obviously be really good at reviewing restaurants and bars.

I can’t think of any existing sites that do this apart from Google itself, Time Out, Urban Spoon, Urban this and that, Urban List, Broadsheet, Concrete Playground, Yelp, MyRestaurants, YourRestaurants, BestRestaurants, Eatability etc etc

With your great writing (or just copy and paste!) and WordPress theme you should easily make a $million.

Even better, if you can’t afford to actually eat at the restaurant and review it anonymously, why not just describe the menu as if you did eat there? Or base your review on an opening party or begged free meal. All of these will ensure maximum value to your readers.

3) Daily Deals

No. Just no.

More tacos?

4) Another Mexican bar or restaurant in Sydney

Good idea – there’s hardly anywhere to get tacos at the moment – Mexicano, El Capo, Cafe Pacifico, Flying Fajita Sisters, Guzmen and Gomez, Mad Mex, El Topo, The Norfolk, The Abercrombie,  that place by Merivale on Foveaux, Santa Barbara, Barrio Chino.

What we need is more $5 tacos. Definitely.

5) Incubator

Did you just hear about the “startup ecosystem”? Then start up an incubator!

There are hardly any of these around and entrepreneurs will flock to your door to take advantage of the massive capital that you have to invest and your huge network of contacts in silicon valley. What? You don’t? Stop there then.

Update: This article was amended on 2 December as even more of all of the above have launched.