iiNet broadband – how slow can you go?

iiNet broadband speedtest - very slow indeedI have written before about how broadband actually got slower in Australia in 2011. Julia Gillard held a digital forum this week and there’s also an article in the SMH today about how Australia should have a tech boom instead of a mining boom.

A basic is, of course, connectivity and the speed of broadband – I am so bored of being told that Australia is a ‘special case’ when we only just beat Mexico and Morocco – they have more of a special case than us. They’ll be no tech boom when we pay $79 per month here for iiNet broadband which is today running at 2.36 Mpbs down and 0.68 Mps up. In the UK, Virgin can supply 100Mbs up and down for about £19 per month and BT can supply 50Mbs for £14 per month. So the UK has a massive speed and cost advantage over Australian tech businesses.

We’ll see how the iiNet broadband connection fares over the next few months:

11 October 2012 
2.36Mps down, 0.68Mps up
Rating: Terrible – Only one eighth of the theoretical maximum speed – we are 500m from Martin Place in Sydney – how can this be?

iiNet Speedtest






  • Sal

    I want to bring to your attention the Singapore case. Here we subscribed to a 50 mps speed contract. When complained at how we were receiving more like 7 mps they said: if you connect to a local website which has a local server we guarantee you 50 mps…..but if you connect to an international website then it will be on average 10 mps maximum. Talk about small prints in the contracts, unfortunately it was even written there balck on white….my fault indeed. In Korea when I use skype it’s like watching 3D television!!! Go Korea….