AK47 Baby elephant – now at SOAS in London

Baby elephant

My AK47 elephant from Cambodia has continued his travels and is now on public display as The Brunei Gallery at The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. Go and see him if you’re in the area.

Baby Elephant by Ou Vanndy

Made as part of the Peace Art Project Cambodia, 2006 in Phnom Penh from Small Arms and Light Weapons from 876 destroyed weapons from a Khmer Rouge weapons cache in the Cardamom Mountains and made safe by the EU ASAC (European Union Assistance on Curbing Small Arms and light weapons in Cambodia), the work is on long term loan.

Peace Art Project Cambodia – Turning weapons into art

The cessation of armed conflict in 1998 left Cambodia facing the huge task of tackling the widespread, destabilising proliferation of small arms, mines and UXO. Between 1999 and 2004, the Royal Government of Cambodia and the European Union Assistance on Curbing Small Arms in Cambodia (EU-ASAC) publicly destroyed 125,000 weapons across 17 Cambodian provinces. PAPC has secured thousands of these weapons, along with destroyed ammunition, tripods, large calibre weapons and mine/ordnance casings from MAG and the Halo Trust for the purposes of the project.

Established in July 2003 by Small Arms Specialist Neil Wilford and Artist Sasha Constable, PAPC brings together twenty three students recruited from the Royal University of Fine Art Phnom Penh utilizing decommissioned Khmer Rouge weapons to create works of art. The completed work is exhibited and sold to promote contemporary Cambodian art, young Cambodian artisans and a weapon free society in Cambodia and globally.

The PAPC custom workshop space is rented from the Development Technology Workshop Incubator Park, a British based charity focusing on the transfer of sustainable engineering skills in underdeveloped countries. Three international artists have visited PAPC, providing new sculptural and metal working techniques as well as marketing and promotional skills which are vital to the students’ creative development – Mark Solomon an American artist/blacksmith and the executive director of a regional American social justice NGO, Joe Rush an English metal sculptor, and Toby Poolman an English furniture design specialist have all imparted their specialist skills and knowledge to the students.


AK47 Baby elephant

PAPC Partners

Royal Government of Cambodia
European Union Assistance on Curbing Small Arms and Light Weapons
Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh
Development Technology Workshop
Halo Trust
Mines Advisory Group
Griffith University

PAPC Donors

European Union Assistance on Curbing Small Arms and Light Weapons in Cambodia
Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia
Angelina Jolie
Emma Thompson
Mr and Mrs Constable
Mr and Mrs Brocklebank
Stella Tenant