Jesus Jones and successful sales – create scarcity

Jesus Jones

When I was a lot younger I saw Jesus Jones play live supported by Blur (?). I always wondered what happened to bands when their 15 minutes was over, Spotify has revealed that they carry on making albums but but you just don’t hear about them anymore.

It seems Jesus Jones don’t have the backing of a major record company these days and they’re having to do things for themselves. What a marketing machine they are and a great example of how social media/the web allows bands to stay close to fans like never before. Following a recent gig at The Bull & Gate they showed their deep understanding of Cialdini’s sales principles, particularly “Create scarcity”.

Why didn’t bands do offers like this when I wanted limited edition ‘Crew’ t shirts?

Option 1. Jesus Jones – Liquidizer live @ The Bull & Gate DVD.

Full DVD of the entire show, plus exclusive extras. Shot in HD, the DVD will be region-free, and playable wherever you are in the world. Additionally, the DVD will be FULLY SIGNED, by all of us. The option to get the signed DVD will only be available on pre-sale. If you want a signed copy – get one now! All copies of the DVD will additionally come with a download code to get a digital audio file of the entire gig.

Cost – £15

Option 2. The Jesus Jones VIP Package.

Within this package, you will get:

1) The DVD as above, FULLY SIGNED. However, as purchasers of the VIP package will be helping us to fund the release of the DVD, it’s only right we acknowledge the help you’re giving us. So, anyone who gets the VIP Package gets their name in the credits of the DVD, as an “executive producer”! Again, once the pre-sale ends, this option vanishes forever. The DVD will come with a download code to access a digital audio file of the entire show.

2) Exclusive Jesus Jones “Crew” shirt.To celebrate the filming of theshow, each purchaser of the VIP package will also get a limited edition “executive producer” T-shirt, with commemorative backprint. The crew shirt will only ever be available as part of this package, and will never be offered for sale again.

3) Retro Flyposter. A specially designed poster for the Bull & Gate show, in the style of a flyposter from 1989. We’re going old school! This poster will only ever be available as part of this package, and will never be reprinted.

4)Never Enough Promo Poster. A reproduction of the limited edition, promo-only poster for the “Never Enough” single, back in 1989. This limited edition repress will only ever be available as part of this package, and will never be offered for sale again.

5) Never Enough Skateboard Stickers. Reproduction of the stickers which came as a limited edition extra with initial copies of the “Never Enough” single. These reproductions will include the rare “window sticker” variant, which was never released to the public. Again, these stickers will only be available as part of this package, and will be discontinued straight after the pre-sale finishes.

Cost for the VIP Package – £50

So, there you have it! We’re hoping you’ll enjoy the DVD, or the VIP Package – whichever you choose to purchase. We’ll always be grateful to all of the fans who’ve supported us – and your support on the pre-sale is the reason this entire project can get off the ground – it simply wouldn’t be possible without you, and your help.


Jesus Jones