Who is the new Doctor Who?

Who will be the new Doctor Who?

Word is out that Matt Smith is retiring as Doctor Who – Private Eye reports that the news was leaked accidentally by an internal memo.

But who will be the next Doctor Who? My evolving list of candidates is:

Johnson from Peepshow (Paterson Joseph)

Was rumoured to be front runner last time …. maybe this time?

Johnson from Peepshow - the new Doctor Who?


Dan Rookwood

Currently the Style Director at Men’s Health magazine UK – perhaps it is time for a stylish and healthy Doctor Who?

Dan Rookwood - the new Doctor Who


Rory Kinnear

Roy Kinnear’s son, seen here in James Bond’s Skyfall (and at the end of the above Peepshow video by coincidence), is apparently the current favourite.

Rory Kinnear for Doctor Who?