Sales 101 – How much will you save?

How many $ will you save

My friend Rob has a small business which involves treating people for various ailments.

We had supper at Chiswick the other day and he explained his new marketing success on the back of the menu.

Rob’s experienced all the challenges a small business usually faces – intense competition, small marketing budget, revamping a website, cost of premises, etc. Previously he offered a discount if you signed up for more than one session, one session being $90. But recently he introduced new marketing material that gives a discount for paying in advance with an increasing rate of discount the more sessions you pay for:

One session – $75 – save $15
Two sessions – $135 – save £35
Four sessions – $260 – save $80

And what % of people buy the most expensive package? 70% of people now book 4 sessions in advance because everyone only ever looks at the total saved.

Sounds like we should book a session on marketing.