On demand and car sharing begin to take over the streets

GoGet and Hertz On Demand

Car sharing is really catching on in the eastern suburbs of Sydney – GoGet have been taking over more and more spaces over the past couple of years and now Hertz ‘On Demand’ have arrived in force. Clearly car sharing is hitting the traditional car hire companies – it must be, why go to one of their offices when you can book a car across the street through your phone / computer? Also, why not be able to book a car knowing the actual price and not some loose estimate of what the cost might be once various confusing insurances and surcharges have been added?

GoGet have also been testing my long held theory: when people hire a car, they want something cool and not a white Toyota or Hyundai (unless they’re just looking for the absolute cheapest option). Above you can see GoGet winning in Potts Point yesterday – their Alfa Romeo near the standard white hire car from Hertz (although by previous experience with Hertz they’d probably advertise this as “Alfa Romeo or similar”).

Looks like there will be a lot more of these green spaces appearing around Sydney – perhaps in the future most people will share one of the generic-ish cars from the line in the street outside and the only car owners will be those who want something special that they don’t want to share.