Why there were no cabs at Sydney Airport [again] tonight

Or “How not to run a piss-up in a brewery by Sydney Airport.”

Many Sydney Airport users will be familiar with the cab queue which frequently makes returning to Sydney much less of a happy occasion than it should be. No doubt you’re also familiar with the guys in orange jackets who seem to be employed to slow the queue down, wave their hands and blow whistles.

So tonight there were hundreds, literally hundreds of us waiting at the domestic terminal after my particularly expensive flight on Virgin Australia.

Massive cab queue at Sydney Airport [again!]

And there were even less cabs than usual but I could see guys in orange jackets being more useless than usual and loads of cabs with their lights on so I walked up to see what was going on: they were blocking the road whilst a cabbie and a member of the public screamed at them! This went on for ages so we got the train. Sydney Airport – world class gateway to a world city!

Reason for the huge taxi queue at Sydney Airport

I don’t think Sydney needs another airport but I’m willing to support it just because of the queues for cabs at the existing one – poor design compounded by useless management.

Thinking of calling an Uber instead of a Sydney cab?