Google holds the trump card as 1500 new top level domains arrive

New top level domains

Always coveted that .com that you couldn’t get? Don’t bother anymore. You could have .ninja, .lifestyle, .business or one of any other 1500 new top level domains (TLDs).

Worried about others squatting on your domain? You’re totally screwed unless you want to buy all 1500, which you won’t be able to because you’ll need to prove you are in certain countries or cities to buy that address.

Need to find someone’s website? Now, more than ever, you’ll need to Google them.

It’s an interesting development and in some cases both reduces the length of URLs and makes them more relevant: for example .uk or .london for UK or London based businesses. But should a business like The Watershed, a bar in London, stay with .com, or opt for .bar or .london?

I’ve registered because I like flat whites and because I’d been drinking too many of them the day I saw the new TLD released.

The big SEO question is: what will Google make of these new URLs? Will have an advantage over Google and others have said that so-called ‘keyword rich domains’ do not give an advantage in search but I’ve seen some cases that make me suspect otherwise.

Anyway, get booking – remember, you can always sell them later and a friend of a friend made thousands from squatting on a domain that I can’t recall … maybe.