Matched content now live – previously Google AdSense Internal Content Recommendation BETA


Google Matched Content

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We’re about to receive our AdSense Internal Content Recommendation BETA unit, complete with ability to embed existing units such as Outbrain for AB testing.

I’ll be really interested to see if Google’s unit shows more “relevant” results than the sometimes apparently random output from other units.

I’ll keep you posted.

21 November – we haven’t received the pre-beta unit as it seems our rules regarding recommendations were some way down the roadmap but I’ve just had this email:

Join the limited beta launch for Matched content


We’d like to invite you to the limited beta launch of Matched content, a new feature that may help you increase user engagement across your sites.

Matched content is a free service from Google AdSense that promotes relevant content from your website to your site visitors. This new feature can help you increase your site’s page views, ad impressions and ultimately your ad revenue by making it easier for your site visitors to discover content that they’re interested in. Recommendations are based on topic similarity and are personalised to each visitor.

Here’s a test page showing Google Matched Content at the end of the article (also shown above) and Outbrain’s recommendations after “You might also like” – I guess Outbrain has the advantage here, being displayed run of site and also have added some rules about recommending old content. Let the battle begin.

23 April 2015

Matched Content is live finally.