The most valuable user in the world


If you are in digital marketing then you’re well aware of how users and their data are tracked and stored so advertising can be targeted to them right across the web.

If you are not in digital marketing and wonder why it is that you visit a website, or search for a product and then see ads for that product or related products then you’ve come to the right place. Or the wrong place perhaps.

Most sites drop a cookie on your computer when you visit or perform certain actions on their site – you’ve then been added to an “audience”, for example:

Audience: people who searched for a flight to London but did not buy
Action: show this user ads for flights to London for the next few days

Audience: people who searched for a flight to London and did buy
Action: show this user ads for hotels in London or travel insurance until the date of their flight

Audience: users who came to our online shopping site but did not buy
Action: show this user ads for the products that they look at for the next few days

This page is a demo of how this is done – below I have framed a number of sites who are prolific advertisers – click on each link to be cookied by them and you should now find yourself targeted by many ads over the next few days – in fact, you may have become the most valuable user in the world.

Iconic – women’s shoes:

Malaysian Airlines – flights to London

IG Markets – trading: