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You might also like... prison

Content recommendation wars. You might also like… prison.

Competition, monopolies and the Enterprise Act. Content recommendation has been big business recently with some relatively recent entrants to the market now commanding millions in marketing budgets from all kinds of brands and their content marketing. “You might also like” has become a well known heading for one of many engines that publishers have installed […]

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SEO from Google Analytics

What does good SEO look like?

  It looks like this: 1,238,529 visitors – $zero spent on advertising. Thanks to Google for their new Analytics & Adwords email.

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Content recommendations on SMH

Clickbait devalues content marketing

A few people have wondered recently “Is irrelevant clickbait ruining content marketing“? I’ve seen this article about apparent MH370 debris that is “clearly aircraft wreckage” being advertised a lot recently – the piece looks like it’s recent but was actually published on 27 March and is totally discredited because a month and a half later […]

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Expedia infographic

Expedia amazing infographic – Sydney vs London – webspam?

I’ve noticed this infographic from Expedia popping up on a number of websites recently. I wonder if this is another Interflora  in the making? All sites seem to be linking to Expedia as well as running the infographic, it appears on these sites, amongst others: My questions is will Google […]

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How well does the targeting of digital ads work?

Lucas is served a Dettol ad on Time Out as he is actually holding a bottle of Dettol. Clearly targeting digital ads according to data about a user works.

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Festival of branded content and entertainment

Festival of branded content and entertainment – on the advisory panel

I am on the advisor panel of Sydney’s Festival of branded content & entertainment. The Festival of Branded Content and Entertainment celebrates “branded entertainment and brand funded content in all its creative breadth and ingenuity. The ambition is to recognise the importance of branded content and entertainment in connecting brands directly with customers.” dianomi promote branded content by […]

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How many $ will you save

Sales 101 – How much will you save?

My friend Rob has a small business which involves treating people for various ailments. We had supper at Chiswick the other day and he explained his new marketing success on the back of the menu. Rob’s experienced all the challenges a small business usually faces – intense competition, small marketing budget, revamping a website, cost […]

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Patrick Bateman at David Jones

David Jones meets Patrick Bateman

Contextual advertising at it’s best … because Patrick Bateman would totally shop at David Jones.

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American Psycho limited edition prints

American Psycho – The Musical & Kickstarter – selling scarcity perfectly

I am one of 1420 backers of American Psycho – The Musical. The irony of having one of the most disturbing books ever read made into a musical was just too much – I had to contribute. The American Psycho page on Kickstarter is also an amazing example of up-sell and creating scarcity – anyone […]

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Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones and successful sales – create scarcity

When I was a lot younger I saw Jesus Jones play live supported by Blur (?). I always wondered what happened to bands when their 15 minutes was over, Spotify has revealed that they carry on making albums but but you just don’t hear about them anymore. It seems Jesus Jones don’t have the backing […]

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