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You might also like... prison

Content recommendation wars. You might also like… prison.

Competition, monopolies and the Enterprise Act. Content recommendation has been big business recently with some relatively recent entrants to the market now commanding millions in marketing budgets from all kinds of brands and their content marketing. “You might also like” has become a well known heading for one of many engines that publishers have installed […]

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Man sprints against the tube

Man runs and publishers sprint to embed his video with their ads around it

Copy paste race It’s been interesting to watch this video of a man sprinting from tube station to tube station in London to beat a train race around the web. Publishers have sprinted to embed the video on their own sites with ads around it. 14 August – YouTube video published (embedded below) 16 September […]

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Airbnb to let

Does using Airbnb invalidate your buildings insurance?

Yes – according to a friend of mine’s broker who he spoke to last week. Ed has a flat in Notting Hill, London. There are five flats within the building and Ed plus the other owners had become concerned that one of the freeholders was renting out their flat on Airbnb and not actually living […]

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SEO from Google Analytics

What does good SEO look like?

  It looks like this: 1,238,529 visitors – $zero spent on advertising. Thanks to Google for their new Analytics & Adwords email.

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New top level domains

Google holds the trump card as 1500 new top level domains arrive

Always coveted that .com that you couldn’t get? Don’t bother anymore. You could have .ninja, .lifestyle, .business or one of any other 1500 new top level domains (TLDs). Worried about others squatting on your domain? You’re totally screwed unless you want to buy all 1500, which you won’t be able to because you’ll need to prove […]

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Our little app passes 10,000 Aussie members

As our little side project Andy, Wayne and I released an app for Aussie fishermen so they can follow fish, follow places they like to fish and follow friends who also like to fish. As you can tell, it’s about fishing. We’ve just reached 10,000 Aussie users – 72% of people who downloaded the app […]

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HEXO+: Your Autonomous Aerial Camera

Ordered a stalking drone & crowdfunded a crowdfunded offer

Pretty excited about this – I’ve ordered my first drone through the magic of Kickstarter – but in the spirit of crowdfunding, I’ve got together with Dan, Tim and Nat to crowdfund a crowdfunded offer -we’ve split the pledge four ways because who needs a stalking drone every day anyway? The HEXO+ “autonomous aerial camera” […]

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Sydney cab with no head-rests

Sydney cabs vs Uber – let’s talk about safety shall we? Whiplash and head rests

There’s been a lot of fluff from the cab industry this week about Uber (sign up to get $10 off your first ride!) and safety. So let’s talk about safety. Specifically, head rests. Head rests are an extremely important safety device if the vehicle in which you are travelling is read-ended by another car. They help […]

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Content recommendations on SMH

Clickbait devalues content marketing

A few people have wondered recently “Is irrelevant clickbait ruining content marketing“? I’ve seen this article about apparent MH370 debris that is “clearly aircraft wreckage” being advertised a lot recently – the piece looks like it’s recent but was actually published on 27 March and is totally discredited because a month and a half later […]

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Window jump

How to be a truly inspiring manager – infographic

As you self-actualize, you will enter into infinite wonder that transcends understanding. You will soon be aligned by a power deep within yourself — a power that is karmic, self-aware. Through reiki, our chakras are nurtured by balance. Complexity is the nature of understanding, and of us. The multiverse is radiating atomic ionization. We grow, […]

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