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Massive cab queue at Sydney Airport [again!]

Why there were no cabs at Sydney Airport [again] tonight

Or “How not to run a piss-up in a brewery by Sydney Airport.” Many Sydney Airport users will be familiar with the cab queue which frequently makes returning to Sydney much less of a happy occasion than it should be. No doubt you’re also familiar with the guys in orange jackets who seem to be […]

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GoGet and Hertz On Demand

On demand and car sharing begin to take over the streets

Car sharing is really catching on in the eastern suburbs of Sydney – GoGet have been taking over more and more spaces over the past couple of years and now Hertz ‘On Demand’ have arrived in force. Clearly car sharing is hitting the traditional car hire companies – it must be, why go to one […]

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Data centre

AWS opens full services in Australia: will your host survive?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have already opened a data centre in Sydney to run Cloudfront, their CDN, and there are the strongest possible rumours that they will announce the launch of their full web hosting services in Australia at the ‘Customer Appreciation’ event on 13 November. Rackspace have already announced a Sydney data centre is […]

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iiNet broadband speedtest - very slow indeed

iiNet broadband – how slow can you go?

I have written before about how broadband actually got slower in Australia in 2011. Julia Gillard held a digital forum this week and there’s also an article in the SMH today about how Australia should have a tech boom instead of a mining boom. A basic is, of course, connectivity and the speed of broadband […]

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AWS - Amazon Web Services

Hosting in Australia to get much cheaper – Amazon Web Services launch in Sydney

The cost of web hosting in Australia is set to fall sharply in the coming months – AWS have launched an ‘edge node’ in Sydney today – only their Cloudfront CDN (content distribution network) is available here for now but EC2 and other cloud services usually follow soon after. This is very good news for […]

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Australian broadband connection speeds 2011

Australian broadband – no speed up in 2011

Nielsen’s Online Consumer Report 2012 contains a mass of information about Australian online behaviour and is well worth a read. My feeling recently is that broadband speed in Australia has been going backwards – for example my usage has ballooned from Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and other video, Carbonite, Google Drive, increasingly large email attachments, iPad […]

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Country performance for websites

How fast are websites around the world? Australia beats Mexico & Morocco!

The Google Analytics blog released this interesting study: how fast do websites load around the world? Australia managed to beat Mexico and Morocco but not Spain. This comes as no surprise to digital Australians – broadband speeds seem to be on the way down here as usage increases and ISPs sit on their hands waiting […]

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