Google Panda

Google Panda to assess grammar when deciding upon Page Rank

  Today Google’s engineers gave the strongest possible hint that the next roll out of Google Panda would measure the use of incorrect grammar on a site to assess quality of content and, therefore, Page Rank. Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s webspam team, said “In the past the moronic use of keywords repeated over and […]

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Discover Disney - Virgin Atlantic – buying links for or spoofing Virgin Atlantic?

Google have been cracking down recently on companies that buy links on other sites to artificially increase their PageRank. They give the clearest possible warning in their webmaster guidelines “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.” So here are some interesting […]

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AWS - Amazon Web Services

Hosting in Australia to get much cheaper – Amazon Web Services launch in Sydney

The cost of web hosting in Australia is set to fall sharply in the coming months – AWS have launched an ‘edge node’ in Sydney today – only their Cloudfront CDN (content distribution network) is available here for now but EC2 and other cloud services usually follow soon after. This is very good news for […]

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Australian broadband connection speeds 2011

Australian broadband – no speed up in 2011

Nielsen’s Online Consumer Report 2012 contains a mass of information about Australian online behaviour and is well worth a read. My feeling recently is that broadband speed in Australia has been going backwards – for example my usage has ballooned from Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and other video, Carbonite, Google Drive, increasingly large email attachments, iPad […]

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Country performance for websites

How fast are websites around the world? Australia beats Mexico & Morocco!

The Google Analytics blog released this interesting study: how fast do websites load around the world? Australia managed to beat Mexico and Morocco but not Spain. This comes as no surprise to digital Australians – broadband speeds seem to be on the way down here as usage increases and ISPs sit on their hands waiting […]

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Display is dead too

Display advertising is dead – Mumbrella 360

Display advertising is dead. Performance is everything. Maybe. Mumbrella 360 tomorrow at The Hilton, Sydney. Looking forward to a good argument. Cheers to Josh Crowley for designing our posters.  (from The Walking Dead)

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Twitter trading algorithm

Algorithmic trading – do the markets really follow Twitter sentiment?

There has been a huge rise in algorithmic trading over the past few years – hugely powerful servers located as near as possible to the fastest internet connection running complicated programs to hide trades or spot patterns and bet against the trades of others. Even home traders can write scripts for auto-trading on the widely […]

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Delete cookies

Ad retargeting and analytics – totally buggered by EU e-privacy directive

  Reuters are a good publisher – here’s their new user-friendly “Cookie Consent Tool” which will strike fear into the hearts of other publishers who are not yet ready for the 26 May deadline. It will strike more fear into the hearts of anyone involved in digital advertising – it lists all analytics, ad networks […]

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BBC Facebook

Facebook – monthly charges for brand pages

Facebook will soon introduce monthly charges for brand pages. Maybe. But why not? Users won’t mind too much, it should clear off some of the unused clutter and brands who have run massive ad campaigns to increase numbers of fans will HAVE to pay. It seems only fair to charge for access – and in […]

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geoTribes – can YOU be defined by just two tick boxes?

Can people be defined with a short series of tick boxes on a website? What about with TWO tick boxes? Our instinct is of course to shout “No – we are all inidividuals!”. This week some friends of mine had an RSVP Baby – the success of online dating shows that by following a series […]

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